Installing licensed version on an other machine

Hi !

As I read that a licensed version of TMS package could be installed on my second machine, i tried to copy intall directory from first one to second one and manually configure Rad Studio XE5 on the second one to load TMS packages.

As a result, I can't show all components in the tool palette (only a few ones appear in "TMS FMX UI" page)

Strangely, all components appear in Tools\Option palette configuration screen and when asking for package détails in Components\Install packages screen .

Has somenone experimented the same way ?


Did you start a VCL project or a FireMonkey project?

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Can you verify if the package TMSFMXPackPKGDEDXE5.bpl is installed in the installed packages list?

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Hi !

Yes, then packages





, appear in Package List and when i click on "Components" button, I see all components

For example, TMSFMXGrid component appear when consulting packege list, but non in IDE Palette Tools (only appear TTMSFMXGridExcelIO, TTMSFMXGridRTFIO, and so on)

Thank's for your help

Do you start a FireMonkey HD project ?  
Visual FireMonkey components only appear on the tool palette when designing a form of a FireMonkey project.

Yes, I start a FireMonkey Project

I did an experience : on the machine where install is ok, i created de FMX project with a form containing each TMS FMX component accessible in Tools palette.

It compiles Ok and runs Ok.

Where copying this projets on my second machine (where much component does'nt appear un tool palette) et trying to open project, i have errors like "TTMSFMXGrid class définition non found"

If i ignore all these erros, my form only show non visual components (those that are visible in tool palette).

I verified Library path but it seems to be Ok

I cannot see a reason why you don't see TTMSFMXGrid on the tool palette when the package TMSFMXPackPkgDXE5 is installed AND active under IDE menu "Component", "Install packages". If it doesn't appear, perhaps, something is corrupt / not clean in your IDE and you can consider to do a clean reinstall of the IDE.