Installer not offering D2009 option

I've been updating my VCL components this morning, and when I got to the TMS VCL UI pack installer it didn't offer Delphi 2009 as an option. It correctly offers 10.2, 103, 10.4 and 11 which are the other Delphi versions I have. The other VCL installers offered 2009.

So this leaves me with VCL UI uninstalled which means I cannot work on any of my D2009 projects.

[Edit] Panic over, as I've fixed by D2009 setup by restoring files from backup (made just before!) and adding the removed library paths.

Anyway, the installer seems to need fixing.


It isn't installed automatically anymore. With so many versions to support, we dropped the IDE with lowest usage, i.e. Delphi 2009.
You can still manually install it from the IDE by opening TMSVCLUIPackD2009Group.groupproj from the IDE and compiling & installing the packages via the IDE.

Thanks Bruno, understood. I do have an old project that's still on D2009, so I'll do the manual install for that in future.