Installation Speed

Since installing 10.1 Berlin Update 1 the compilation of the iOS packages takes a very long time. Can anything be done to improve this?


We are unaware of any compilation issues with Berlin Update 1, we'll investigate this here as soon as possible. Can you specify at exactly which target (iOSDevice32 / iOSDevice64) the compilation is slow?

Thanks, iOs 32, iOS 64 and Android. Have also tried it on my laptop with the same results.

Are you able to reproduce this with another non-TMS package or is this related to our packages specifically?

Specifically TMS.

Same problem but with android only. Other target platforms are fine.

All we do is launch the compilation of the package with MSBUILD for the different supported targets. If Berlin 10.1 update 1 introduces slower compilation for Android compared to Berlin 10.1, I cannot see any reason the cause is in our package that didn't change between Berlin 10.1 and Berlin 10.1 update 1. I can only suspect that Embarcadero changed something wrt the compiler for Android. Did you contact Embarcadero about this?


We have investigated this here and it seems the memory keeps increasing when compiling for iOS Device 32, 64 bit or Android in debug mode. We have changed this to release mode for the registered version and the next version will address this. This should then reduce the build speed via the installer.

Thanks very much.

I can confirm that this is much faster now.

Thank you for reporting