Installation issues TMS Image Controls package

We downloaded the latest TMS Image Controls Pack. It doesn't come with an installer ;( If I try to build the package for Delphi 10 Seattle, it misses the file TMSImageControlsDXE_Icon.ico. If I try to install the package built, it fails, since the unit AdvStyleIF is already defined in another TMS package (TMSMenusDXE9). As with the TMS AdvStringGrid package, we have to rename the units in order to install the package. What About a TMS VCL Common Units pack with units like AdvStyleIF which are shared between TMS packages?

Another issue: The downloaded .zip file contains two files HotSpotEditor.pas. If you extract the archive to a folder using WinRAR and you want to delete the folder later on, the "zombie" file is shown in Explorer but cannot be deleted.

I'm not sure what you mean with 'zombie file'? We are not aware of an issue. 
Do you have more details?

If you look at the with WinRAR(V5.10 64-bit) you can see two files with the name HotSpotEditor.pas. If you unzip the archive with WinRAR, you are asked whether the one HotSpotEditor.pas should overwrite the other HotSpotEditor.pas. Answer with yes. Then, try to delete the folder in which you unpacked the archive. Windows will tell you, that the element HotSpotEditor.pas was not found and the folder remains with that single "zombie" file, which is shown in Explorer but cannot be deleted.

Ok. The second HotSpotEditor.pas in the has a space after the .pas extension which seems to confuse Windows. What I just want to say: just remove this file from the download archive in order to avoid the Windows delete folder issue.

We finally managed to rename the "zombie" file using Total commander and deleted it with Windows Explorer afterwards.

We'll investigate & correct this.