install XE2 w/ IW 12.1.x

IW12TMSDXE2.BPL compiles and installs fine.

When trying to load IW12TMSDEDXE2.dproj I get the following errors:
"Class TIWHTMLLabelDE not found."
"Class TTIWGIFPreview not found."
"Class TIWPropertyPersistor not found."

After ignoring these errors (twice) Delphi wants to 'upgrade' the project.... (was created with previous version of XE2)..

Similar thing occurs with IW12TMSGRIDDEDXE2.dproj...

What's going on with this?


Ignore these errors, press cancel and continue the install.

A follow up... I do ignore the errors but if I let XE2 RENAME the package during upgrade it will fail to install.  You must upgrade IN PLACE and then it works.

Just FYI


I'm not sure I understand your remark that XE2 would rename the package? Why would it need to rename the package?