Install different on 2 PCs

I have just compared the installation of the same version of the component pack (v 6.0 25/2/2011) on 2 different PCs. I found that on my Win7 PC I have AdvGridExcelIO but this is not on my Vista laptop. However the laptop has the following components that are not on the Win7 PC:


These differences make it hard to develop programs that I can work on on both PCs. How can I get the same set of components on both PCs?

There are no OS related differences wrt installed components.
Are you using the same Delphi versions on these 2 machines?

If so, please look at for overview what components are supported.
Also, check if ALL old versions were removed BEFORE installing a new version.
Thanks for the reply, while I was waiting I found the FAQ on this problem and now both machines have the same set of components. 

I had assumed that because the setup program specifically asks to uninstall the old version before installing the new that I would not have to do anything myself. It seems this is not the case as I found 2 versions of the same BPLs in different folders on the same PC.