Install Cryptography pack update

I am having an issue with installing the update for this, and in fact any current TMS updates

- it seems to install OK with no errors and the install directory is updated
- However, the bpl files are not copied to the public documents directory and so the packages become disabled
- I found a log file being created during the install and the only problem I see in it relates to this line: _PasCoreCompile
- it is complaining that command lines > 32,000 characters may not compile and after that the compile does indeed fail
- I noticed this is referencing a lot of components I have uninstalled from trial versions etc. but they are still being referenced here.  Do you know where it is getting this list from so I can figure out how to remove references to uninstalled packages

This error message about >32000 characters comes from the command line compiler that uses your IDE library path to compile. Your library path is too long for MSBUILD to handle, so please sanitize your IDE library path and then retry to install.