Instal Question for X3 Bonus Pack Fire Monkey Grid

I just upgraded to C++Builder X3 and they have a Bonus Pack item named TMS Grid for FireMonkey for RAD Studio XE3. I am a registered owner of the TMS Component Pack and I have the install .zip file for the newest version 6.7. I am not sure if the Bonus Pack Fire Monkey Gid is installed as part of my TMS Component Pack or not? Should I ignore the Bonus Pack? Or should I install the Bonus Pack?
If I should Install the Bonus Pack what is the correct order of installation.
First - TMS Component Pack 6.7
Second - X3 Bonus Pack Fire Monkey Grid
or the opposite order?
Patrick Mikula

The TMS FireMonkey grid is not a part of the TMS Component Pack for VCL, the FireMonkey grid is part of the TMS Pack for FireMonkey and can be installed separately, there is no order in which to install the TMS Component Pack for VCL and the TMS FireMonkey grid. They should both install correctly and work independently.

As a side note, if you wish to upgrade the grid for FireMonkey to a full pack, you can purchase a license for the full pack on and uninstall the XE3 bonus FireMonkey grid.

Kind Regards, 
Scheldeman Pieter