Inserted HTML to trigger Pascal function

I'm using a TWebResponsiveGrid and Add'ing raw html using data I get from an http request.

Each item needs to have two buttons, which need to trigger Pascal functions, but I can't figure out how to do that.

In case anyone else runs into this, it turned out to be pretty simple.

For the dynamically inserted item:

WebResponsiveGrid1.Items.Add('Task: ' + JO.GetJSONValue('task') + '<input data-id="' + JO.GetJSONValue('_id') + '" id="btn_' + JO.GetJSONValue('_id') + '" type="button" class="clicker" value="Done"></input>');
el := document.getElementById('btn_' + JO.GetJSONValue('_id'));

And for the procedure

procedure TForm1.MarkDoneClick(Event: TJSEvent);
  ShowMessage('Item id: ' +'data-id'));
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