Insensitive Searching and accentuation

  How to "Case Insensitive Searching" and "Searching without accentuation"

      Manager.Find<TMemberView>.add(TLinq.Contains('Name', 'Jo?o')).List;
      required result:'Jo?o' and 'jo?o' and 'JO?O' and 'joao' and 'Joao' and ...

  Like google search and yahoo and ...
  In mobile is very hard searching with accentuation and Case sensitive.


That is up to your database you would have to fine tune it to define collations that search without accentuation if possible.

For case insensitive you can just use Upper in both sides of operation:

  I'm using Aurelius to create and update Firebird DataBase, i think is not possible alter "collate" after column is created, but "collate" is required, how to do that?

You must manually update the database schema yourself in this case, defining the correct collate. I also believe Firebird supports a default collation for the whole database, so you could create the database with default collate and then all fields created by Aurelius will have the default collate.

Yes, that's it.