INNER Join on temp to retrieve aurelius object which is no association of the retrieved object list

I have a temp table with certain data that has no association to the retrieved Tbedrijven object list. Is there a way to perform an INNER JOIN on that temp table? Or is the only way to add the temp table to the Aurelius pas file?

  • LINK does not work as it is used with a WHERE clause. (at least in all tests Aurelius adds WHERE to the query)

  • CreateAlias only works for joins that are part of the class TBedrijven, which this temp table is not.

aoBedrijven:= self.XDataBasis.OM.Find<Tbedrijven>.Add(Linq.SQL('INNER JOIN temp_bedcodes where temp_bedcodes.code=bedrijven.code')).List;

Thank you.


No, you will have to create the association in the mapped entity.