inheritance and Proxy

Hi Wagner,

I have an entity TStore that inherits from TLocation.  TStore introduces a lazy loaded property Commodity.  If I try to access it by type casting a TLocation the proxy is flagged as loaded so I never see it.  For example
TStore( FromLocation ).Commodity = nil

will always return true even when it has a value because FCommodity.Available is true and FCommodity.Value is nil. I can get round it by creating a new variable and refreshing it but it has been that way in my code for a while and I am only now getting complaints about it.  Has something changed?

Hi Steve,

That is probably a regression in 3.12 that has been fixed in 3.13. What is the version you're using?
See the last "Fixed" item in 3.13 release:

That was it, thanks Wagner.  I updated from 3.12 and it's fine now