INDY Client/Server Tools

I have an FMX Appllication.
I have an FMX application that uses INDY TCP Objects. I would like to convert this application into a WEB application. However, I miss the INDY tools for TCP communication. Are the INDY tools not usable in WEBCORE?

A TMS WEB Core web client app runs in the browser, so, one needs to take advantage of the communication APIs that exist in the browser. This is HTTP requests and web sockets for example. Not sure what exact TCP functionality you need and whether you can map this on what's available in the browser.

Hello Bruno,
for the Interface to an XML Server i need the idTCPClient to connect to the Interface Server.

In addition, I also have the problem that pointers cannot be used.
Like here for example

TCardinalArray = array[0..MaxInt div 32 - 1] of Cardinal;
pCardinalArray = ^TCardinalArray;
TOffsets = array of Cardinal;

With respect to the state of raw TCP/IP socket communication from the browser, here is some information:

Pointers are not supported in the browser. The underlying browser JavaScript simply doesn't support pointers.

Hello Bruno,
we have fixed the problem.
We split the application in two applications.
One (an VCL Service app) listen to the HTTP Port and save data to a database table.
The second app (WEB Application) pick the data from this table. Works.
Thx for your help.

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