Incorrect time value

ops sorry, i accidently clicked ENTER before write a message.

anyway, im having a error when i try to save a entity, starting from the beginning, here's my entity map:

  [Id('Id', TIdGenerator.IdentityOrSequence)]
  TLogAcesso = class
  strict private
    { Private declarations }
    FId : Integer;
    FIdUsuario : Integer;
    FIdSoftware : Integer;
    FData : TDate;
    FHora : TTime;
    FIP : string;
    FUsuario : Proxy<TUsuario>;
    FSoftware : Proxy<TSoftware>;
    { Public declarations }
    [Column('idacesso', [TColumnProp.Unique])]
    property Id : Integer read FId write FId;

    property IdUsuario : Integer read FIdUsuario write FIdUsuario;

    property IdSoftware : Integer read FIdSoftware write FIdSoftware;

    property Data : TDate read FData write FData;

    property Hora : TTime read FHora write FHora;

    [Column('ip', [], 35)]
    property IP : string read FIP write FIP;

    property Usuario : Proxy<TUsuario> read FUsuario write FUsuario;

    property Software : Proxy<TSoftware> read FSoftware write FSoftware;

and where's the core i save:

ANew := TLogAcesso.Create();
ANew.IdUsuario := Self.FUsuario.Id;
ANew.IdSoftware := Self.FSoftware.Id;
ANew.Data := Now();
ANew.Hora := Now();
ANew.IP := ModuleResource.JvComputerInfoEx.Identification.IPAddress;

and here's is the error it gives:

EMysqlException with message: Incorrect time value: '1008973:38:43' for column 'hora' at row 1

a few extra informations, im using:

aurelius: lastest version
unidac: 5.0.1 25-Apr-13
mysql server: 5.1

so, any ideia of what it could be?


Don't use a TTime field. You can just use a TDateTime and save the time part in it.

thx, i couldn't find the documentation the compatible datatypes i guessed TTime was one of the supported one.