Inconsistent scaling behaviour of editors in FMX g

I have a comboedit editor in one column and a TMSFMXColorPicker in another. I want to scale the grid on high resolution monitors.

I have this code in CellEditGetData;

if CellEditor is TTMSFMXColorPicker then


1.      (CellEditor as TTMSFMXColorPicker).Scale.X := Scale.X;

2.      //(CellEditor as TTMSFMXColorPicker).Scale.Y := Scale.Y;

3.      //(CellEditor as TTMSFMXColorPicker).SelectedColor := Colors[ACol, ARow];

4.     (CellEditor as TTMSFMXColorPicker).DropDown;


Similar code for TComboEdit.

Case 1: Code as above: The editor does not scale.

Case 2: Comment out line 4: Editor scales correctly.

Case 3: Remove comments on lines 2 and 3: The dropdown picker scales correctly, but the selection box is bigger than the cell. Not nice!

Case 4: Remove comments on lines 2 and 3 and comment out 4: The dropdown becomes too large.

What I want is correct scaling when keeping line 4.

Forget about line 3. I meant line 1 and 2, not line 2 and 3. Sorry!


We do not have any issues here trying to reproduce this. Can you send us a sample?

I have sent you a demo Project.

Thank you for your sample, we will investigate as soon as possible