#include File


I am looking to use the #include to pull in a range from another sheet on my current workbook - my problem is I cannot guarantee I know the name/location of my current workbook - I just want to refer to "this workbook" - is there a way to do this (I tried #include(;NamedRange,) and #include(.;NamedRange;) - no joy)



Well, honestly including a range from the same file wasn't something we had thought about, but I think it can be a nice idea. I will see if we can make something for the release next week, I am not 100% it will be possible but we'll try.

If we can't make it for next release, a workaround night be defining a report variable, say "<#template>, that you set in code to the path of the template you are going to run the report against. After that, you should be able to <#include(<#template>;NamedRange;__)>

But as said, I like the idea of being able to directly use the current page, so I'll try to get it added.