Inactivity Logout


I want to log users out after a specific period of inactivity. What's the best way of doing this?

When can we expect the new beta?



Since all is happening client side, a possible way to do this is using a timer and after a period perform a programmatic logout.
We are still working very hard on polishing all kinds of things for an update. Hopefully things will be ready for update tomorrow or early next week.


I was thinking about this, but linking it to activity back to the server. I was thinking that as the JWT Token is sent in the header I could reconstruct it with a new timeout and send it back with the response.

I would like to be able to reset the timer on a mouse move at the form level but this event is not fired when there are other controls on the form. I don't want to implement this for every control I use. Is there another global way of doing this?

At this moment not directly at form level unfortunately.