In the AdvPDFViewer PageLoaded not called ebery time

Dear Bruno and TMS team!

I investigate that when the methods NextPage and PreviousPage of AdvPDFViewer are called, the event OnPageLoaded are not fired every time, so that in the PDFViewer demo the page count with click the buttons "Previous Page" and "Next Page" are not correctly counted at every time.
Also when I switch DisplayMode to SIngle or Double the events are not fired and methods are not called at every time.
Only when I click the thumbnail pages all is counted correctly. But the methods NextPage and PreviousPage should also working correctly.

With kind regards,

OnPageLoaded is triggered whenever a page is loaded from PDF and rendered. The pages are cached though to avoid it would need to be loaded twice without really being needed. So, it is normal that this will not always trigger again.