In TDBAdvGrid edButton cell a gray box is shown in stead of an image after update TMS Pack

I TDBAdvGrid and has set grid.GridImages to an imagelist.
Some columns has editor edButton, no FieldName, by Images the imagelist and in HTML Template .
This worked fine, but after my update I see only gray boxes in the cells.
I am using version of the TDBAdvGrid.

What need I to change to get it working again?


It is not clear what exactly you mean or what exactly you are doing.
You are referring to the button of the inplace editor that is gray? Are you setting the button caption via HTML text and reference an imagelist image this way?

I want use the last column of a grid for buttons.
For that column I:
set Editor to edButton
leave FieldName empty
choose by Images an TimageList
fill HTML Template with <IMG src="idx:1"> (the picture of the image is shown in the HTML editor)
[o, I see now that those code was invisible in my first text]

I expect to se a column with in each row the image and I see in each row only a gray block

This is strange as I cannot see any evidence that we have ever supported grid buttons that feature HTML formatted text drawing on the button. We also didn't change anything recently in button rendering.

It was for me indeed a big update from to
But when it is not possible now in that way, is there a possibility that an image is shown and I can use the OnClickCell-event to call a piece of code?

You could use OnGetDisplText and return a HTML formatted string that has an image and use the hyperlink around the image and handle OnAnchorClick

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