In a LiveGrid Visualy Binded, disable some rows.

I have a TTMSFMXLiveGrid binded, with the visual Livebindings editor, to a ClientDataSet.

This ClientDataSet has a field, not showed visually on the grid, that indicates if this row is valid in this context or not.

The column is called DISABLED. And can have the values Y or N.

I need, that if the value DISABLED is Y, the row, in the grid appears, disabled. (can be in a different color of background and text, or grayed), and all his in line components and the row itself don't respond to visual user interaction.

Can you, please, send me a sample or a reference to one?

I can't find a solution into the PDF Manuals.

There is not a technique to do this?

You can implement the OnGetCellReadOnly and OnGetCellLayout to accomplish this.

The OnGetCellReadOnly is to block interaction, the OnGetCellLayout is to change the appearance.