Improve designtime performance of TTMSFNCToolbar

Unless this should be considered a bug - I understood so far from answers in the support forum it is to be the expected behaviour, I really would like to see a performance improvement for TTMSFNCToolbar

See this linked youtube video on the performance of changing the focus of the toolbarbuttons during designtime. I really can only work with that component by changing whatever I want in the source of the form.

Is this really the expected performance - I almost wait a minute before the focus in the IDE changes. This is happening in the most curent IDE version 11.1.


We have meanwhile further investigated this here and the performance at designtime has been improved in FMX. The next version of the TMS FNC UI Pack will address this. Thank you for your feedback. Please note that the fix will take a while to be released as we are currently working on a major update for TMS FNC UI Pack.