image AND text in the same cell + hide the title?

hi guys

i have 2 questions :

  1. how can i remove the titles from a grid, so i won't see any title at all?

    (i want to see only the cells without their titles)

  2. is it possible to have an image AND regular(not formated) text in the same cell in a grid?

    please show me how if it's possible

    i need those 2 things for a contact list where i have a "passport"
    picture of the person, and under it to see thier name and phone number

    thank you for any help
  1. Set the ShowColumnHeader property to False.

    2. Yes. You can add custom html to a cell to add an image and text.
    TIWAdvWebGrid1.Cells[ColumnIndex,RowIndex] := '<img src="image.png"><br>row ' + IntToStr(RowIndex);


after testing and playing with it a little - it works like a charm!
i didnt know we can write html inside cells...

btw, i think there is a bug :
if i load a gif or jpg pictures, it works good.
but if i load a jpeg (not the same "jpg" extension), then it doesn't go back on Release.

Thank you for your great help bart  :)

I have not been able to reproduce this issue.
Images with both .jpg and .jpeg extensions are displayed as expected.

If the problem persists, can you please provide a ready to run sample project that demonstrates the issue so I can further investigate this?
Sample projects can be emailed to

i didnt try it on "regular" image components, only inside the grid like in the example you showed me.
i placed 3 images : a gif, a jpg, and a jpeg.
it never closed the iwform (release), but only if i didn't load a "jpeg" file.
it worked fine with jpg and gif.
btw, when i renamed the jpeg to jpg, it worked fine

i'm working with :
intraweb 12.1.26
Delphi XE2 update 3
and the latest tms intraweb pack  (

thank you for your help

ok, i think this is not a TMS's bug.
i just found this on AToZed's site here in the history of version 12.1.26 (what i currently use) :

it says :
"bug fix: images with JPEG extension were being ignored"

but i don't think atozed fixed it propelly because i still have a problem with jpeg images... lol