Ignoring Tag in MiniHTML


I could swear that I read somewhere that you could turn-off HTML for some parts of mini html, but I now have been searching the forum and PDFs for an hour and cannot find it.

The example I recall is something like:

Node.Text := 'To display <B>bold</B> use the text <IGNORE_TAGS><B>bold</B></IGNORE_TAGS>'

which would display the THtmlTreeView node as

To display bold use the text < B>bold< /B>

But I cannot find what the tag "IGNORE_TAGS" really is.

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I'm sorry, but to my knowledge, this capability never existed in the HTML engine.

Thank you for your quick reply.

I must have seen it somewhere else, but where ?
Or I had a real vivid dream, including source code.
Might be time for a holiday :-)