IDE Editor cursor position after creating event

I have "standard" TIDEEngine, TIDEDialog, TIDEScripter (pascal).
I create a new project with form. I place and TEdit to that form.
On Edit's onKeypress I double click and code editor will show now blank new event. Now I press Ctrl-V to paste code for that and the code goes to top of form.
And the funniest thing is that Undo (ctrl-z) removes actually the {$form line and uses clause :smile:
It looks like that cursor is in the middle of that event (it blinks there) but actual paste goes to top of unit.
(This affects also right-click + paste)

Are you using the latest version? That problem should be fixed already.

Well I just took a very quick look and noticed that I have latest ... but I compered to available downloaded columns ...
one thing is sure: this forum is lacking an ashamed emoji :D ( now probably someone will point to me that there it is)

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