I'd need help about some Form-related components

Using BDS2006, c++Builder personality.

I'd like to build a "cool" about screen.

1) TLayeredForm: i'm unable to make it works. Seems a pretty simple component. but i can't make the FadeIn and FadeOut working. All that i see is the time that passes and then the form just "pop" in or out. How can i male it fades?And how can i have also the Masked color feature? right now i see the masking color after the fadein//out functions...

2) Due to 1) i tried TAdvSmoothSplashScreen. I'd like more to have a visual control of the setting (so i'd prefere to used the TlayeredForm) but it works. Still have some obstacle:
How can i hide the main form at loading, until the Splash screen closes?
How can i place PNG images on the Splash screen?
How can i keep it open until the user click on a "Close" label (i guess there's no way to have buttons on the Splash form)

3) Tried also TAdvSmoothMessageDialog. I like the way to have an image "out of the bound" like in the tips in the component page. But there's no way to controlo the size of the message dialog? Is hard to center the images without knowing the window size.


Pls? any support about these?

About 1) what OS are you using? To use TLayeredForm, an XP themed app should be used on a machine with XP with theming enabled or higher.

About 2) Start the splashscreen from the .DPR file before the mainform. See also the TAdvSmoothSplashScreen demo.
About 3) It should autosize according to its content