Icons issue again

this time on TAdvSmoothButton, similar to issues I reported before for other smooth components.

The icon is not blending with background when it has semi-transparent edges.


As the image is generally drawn with aspect ratio/stretching depending on the size we recommend to use a TPictureContainer with png's instead, which do not have the issue of incorrect background blending. We will investigate if we can support transparency in TImageList under the same circumstances.

In many cases ImageList is better solution (sharing with standard components, ease of use, existing code, etc..)

And it is already working properly in most of your components. Providing half baked solution where only old fashion icons works is in my opinion very bad idea. Then it is probably better to remove ImageList option.

I think that breaking backwards compatibility is a worse idea.

The PictureContainer is much more flexible than the ImageList.

It is standard delphi solution, it works in all standard delphi components, so I don't understand what you mean by breaking backwards compatibility. For me breaking compatibility is using non-standard solutions. But don't get me wrong, I found Picture container useful for many situations, just not for everything. And if you provide ImageList property, it should work as expected. It works in most of your components as expected. The problem was in few components from smooth pack. Is it because different developers worked on them?

I was referring to breaking backwards compatibility by your suggestion to remove the ImageList property.
Regardless, we'll investigate if also for imagelists improvements can be done in a future update.