iCloudDocuments - Integer Overflow error when calling LoadDocuments after initialisation

I created a simple FMX app in Delphi 11.3, added the iCloudDocument component to the main form, hooked up OnInitialize to call LoadDocuments when ASuccess=True (which is it). I can send a sample of this code if you need it, but it's the absolute minimum required to initiate LoadDocuments.

This raises an EIntOverflow exception in FMX.TMSNativeiCloud.

My entitlements are set up correctly in the entitlements file for the project to enable iCloud and has the correct container details. I've traced through your sources and can confirm that it's found a valid container path.

I'm using the latest version of TMS iCL components. My IDE has imported iPhoneOS 16.4.

I just paid for an update from v3 to see if there is a fix but still seems to crash.

Do you have any advice, or could you look into this ASAP please?

Can you change I: Integer to I: NSUInteger; on line 1307 and see if that helps working around the problem?

I made that change and still the same Integer Overflow issue on line 1309.
Sorry but it didn't work.

We'll investigate further as soon as possible

Thanks Pieter

Hi Pieter, has there been any progress on this bug?


We had issues getting provisioning profiles and certificates up and running, and right now we are investigating how to proceed in identifying the issue. Will provide more info as soon as possible.

We have finally been able to address this issue here. See your email for an incremental fix.

Thanks Pieter, the fix sent over work well.

Thanks for looking into this for me.

Thanks for confirming.