"iCal like" Component

good morning,

i'm searching for a scheduler component for Firemonkey (in Delphi XE2) and
thought that you maybe have a iCal like component in Firemonkey...

i have done a litte research in google and found this post on your facebook page (the post is from march 4) :
<span -jsid="text">Hi,
We offer a calendar component in FireMonkey that you can use in your OS X application.
You can also customize the style of the calendar component by using FireMonkey styles.
Are you asking about a calendar component that hooks into iCal on the Mac?
Also, TMS Software has been releasing visual component packs with a variety of controls for FireMonkey.

Unfortunatly i cannot find this component in the "TMS Pack for Firemonkey" or in the "TMS Instrumentiation Workshop for Firemonkey".
Could you please tell me where i can found this component?

many thanks

I'm not sure who posted this information but it seems related to two different items, 1) the standard calendar that comes with FireMonkey and 2) our pack of FireMonkey controls.

At this time, we do not have a calendar or scheduler control. This is being considered for future development.