I see an old version of my application on Chrome.

As Holder Flick says on page 79 of his book about TMS Web Core, I modified the in Project>Options>TMS Web>Compile>Auto-increment version to True.

This is for, literally, "the web browser will reload the application every time you recompile the application".

On page 217, he explains the same thing a little more deeply.

Because of this, I can't understand why I'm seeing an older version on my browser.
With components that don't exist yet in my current design.

Is there another technique I can apply to avoid seeing an older version of my application?

(It is not only a question of design. The functionality is also old)

This could potentially be related to caching in your browser. To make sure you are seeing the latest version, please press F12, then right-click on the refresh button then select the option to clear cache & force reload. Alternatively, CTRL+F5 should do the same