I found a big problem with TMS_WebCore.

I found a big problem with TMS_WebCore.

In mobile chrome, there is a problem that the height of the browser is not called correctly.

When I call the URL for the first time, it loads normally.

However, when I open a new window and run the URL, then the height of the screen is incorrectly loaded (it is loaded larger).

However, if you touch the screen here, the screen height is called up well.

(I tested it on several devices. The same phenomenon occurs.)

The demo of TMS is the same phenomenon.

  1. The PC works normally.

  2. Problems occur in mobile browsers.
    (tested in chrome)

Let's give an example.

Take the source below as an example.

procedure TForm2.WebFormCreate(Sender: TObject);
webmemo1.Lines.Add( 'FormCreate : ' + inttostr(width) + ' / ' + inttostr(height));

WebTimer1.Enabled := true;

procedure TForm2.WebFormShow(Sender: TObject);
webmemo1.Lines.Add( 'FormShow : ' + inttostr(width) + ' / ' + inttostr(height));

procedure TForm2.WebTimer1Timer(Sender: TObject);
WebTimer1.Enabled := false;

webmemo1.Lines.Add( 'Timer : ' + inttostr(width) + ' / ' + inttostr(height));

procedure TForm2.WebButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
webmemo1.Lines.Add( ' ');
webmemo1.Lines.Add( 'Click : ' + inttostr(width) + ' / ' + inttostr(height));

webmemo1.Lines.Add( 'Click : ' + inttostr(WebPanel1.Height) + ' / ' + inttostr(WebPanel2.height));

This is an example of outputting the form size to webmemo1.

When loading for the first time in the browser, it looks like the following.

However, when I open the second tab of the browser and run the URL again, the wrong height is recorded as shown below.

Because it recognizes the wrong height, you can see that WebPanel1 below is also not visible.

However, if you touch WebPanel1 here, then the screen is displayed normally.

The components used in the design are not visible because of the wrong height.

Touch the screen to show it again.

This phenomenon also appears in the WebCore demo.

Try the method below.

The first page is browser height aware.
look good,

If the same URL is called on the second page
From then on, the height increases, making the component below invisible.
symptoms appear.

It's a pretty important issue.

Please answer me.

What exact mobile chrome is this?

I cannot reproduce a problem with the demo on Chrome in mobile mode.
It shows at all times this way:

I can also not see any reason for one browser tab to influence another.

This happens on real phones.

I recorded the situation on 2 different devices.

In the first tab everything looks fine.

but, When I open the second tab and type in the url, the height changes drastically.
So the bottom component is not visible.

But as soon as I touch the screen everything is displayed normally.


I retested on iPhone and could not see any glitch.
I'll look to retest on an Android device too.

You always work hard.
With the introduction of TMS-WebCore, our business is thriving.
I am alway grateful.

Android is the most used OS worldwide.

From the second URL visit, the bottom content disappears.
This is something that must be addressed.

Please reply after testing.
I'll be waiting for you.

thank you

Still unresolved?

Please share your progress...

It is on my todolist.
I’m out of office now to speak at a conference so I can only follow-up when back.

I will be waiting for your contact.

Thank you for your hard work.

Still unresolved?

Please share your progress...

I retested this here on an Android device with Chrome browser in a multi-browser tab scenario but could not see a problem here.
I can only assume this is a browser version shortcoming. Can you try to update this browser?

All 5 phones I own have the same problem.

Samsung / LG etc phones...

A solution is urgently needed.

We found a device where it can be reproduced, just on the Google Chrome browser.
On the built-in browser it behaves correct. On other Android devices with Google Chrome , we could not reproduce this, nor on any other device.
This must clearly be a browser issue. It looks like this particular browser is not returning the correct client rectangle when it is started in this specific way until the screen in touched. Without correct client rectangle, we cannot calculate the alignment correct. As this browser returns in incorrect height, we have at this moment no more ideas for a workaround or solution.

Even if the problem occurs in mobile, fortunately there does not seem to be a big problem in business.

Thank you for answering all the way.