I dont seem to have indexes being created/updated

I have a table where I have had a dateAdded field without an index. I went into data modeler and created an index on that field, but I couldnt find any indexes (the one I just created or previous ones) in the exported Delphi classes for Aurelius. I dee them if I use the Generate Script (there in the SQL statements it creates) but I cant see how they are meant to be created short of copy/pasting the SQL script. I'm assuming I have missed something somewhere, but I have looked at all the options, looked through the forums and reviewed my previous questions and have been unable to locate anything.
Have I missed something ?

If you want to add indexes to an entity you can use

  TMyEntity = class

But that might not be what you are after

Thanks for the suggestion but I was looking for a solution that would use the indexes I defined in the modeler

Please check: