I don't have the option of create a TMS Web Bootstrap Applications with Visual Studio Code.

In Delphi, I have the option to create this type of project: a TMS Web Bootstrap application, but when I try to do this in the Visual Studio Code version, this type of application doesn't appear.

How can I accomplish this?

Maybe I can create the Bootstrap project with Delphi and open it with VCS?

I just tried this, and it seems that it is working.

Do I go to find any well-known problem?

At this moment, the wizard has no entry for a Bootstrap app in Visual Studio Code. This is a good idea though that we will consider for a future update.

Thanks! Added to the backlog!!

In this case, the workaround was to create the project with the Delphi Version and then open it with the VSC version.

I think it is working well.

Yes, opening a project that uses Bootstrap from Visual Studio Code should work fine and render with Bootstrap CSS at design time too.