HTTPS XData Server

I'm trying to create an SSL certificate, following the video of the TMS channel on youtube:
I followed the same steps as the beginning of the video, installed lets encrypt, when I put my email, an ACME error was returned, as shown in the image.

I didn't quite understand this error, do I need to install another tool to do the process? I would like help with this process

It looks like you have to use the latest version of the ACME tool.

I downloaded ACME version 2.1.10. Now how do I redo the process with this version?

It's the same process. The new version might have small different things, different names maybe, but the process is exactly the same. The new version is actually even more friendly.

Follow the process of generating a certificate as usual, and when the tool asks you for a script to be executed when the certificate is generated, use the exact same script and parameters described in the blog. That part stays the same.