HTMListBox question

If an item in a HTMListBox is too wide to fit, I am using Ellipsis=TRUE to show an ellipsis after the text. I would like to be able to see the full text as a popup hint when I hover over any item that is shown with an ellipsis. Is this possible, and how would I achieve this?

Drop a THTMLHint on the form and set HTMListBox.ItemHint = true


Thanks, Bruno.

The other property I'd missed was setting ItemHint=TRUE

Is there a way of editing the hint before it's displayed? Ideally I'd like to only show the hint if the text is too long to fit (ie an ellipsis is shown), so if I can stop the hint showing if the text fits.

Think I've just found the answer to my own question... I can use THTMLHint.OnShowHint, and set CanShow=FALSE if the text fits.

Next question, though, is is there any easy way to know if the text has been shown with an ellipsis, or will I have to do something like HTMListBox.Canvas.Width() and see if this is less then HTMListBox.ClientWidth?

Via HTMLHint.OnShowHint()

There is at this moment not a built-in way to know whether the text was displayed with ellipsis or not.