Html type components and Picturecontainer


I am having a bit of a problem - I use a picturecontainer with 58 wmf images in it to hold the images that I need to use on an advance panel.

I use the text file to add a image depending on other actions in the program - This use to work fine, but now I can no longer see any images- Even using the HTMLString editor that is build in and adding an image from the picture container does not show if I use a wmf, (or emf). it does so an icon. Has something changed that I need to set?  I am on window 10, XE7 and the latest tms set (downloaded last week)

I creaked a simple program with a advpanel, picturecontainer and nothing else and even with a single wmf in the container I still had no luck.  It did not work with htmllables or static text either


Can it be you were using a quite old version before?

We added quite some time ago support for PNG and had to change the underlying technology to be able to support this and sadly, this resulted in giving up WMF (which was rarely used)

Yes it was a while ago - the container still shows wmf as a option to load? what is format is best if I need the transparency to work?


We'll check the design time handling to remove the WMF option.
For transparency, we recommend the PNG format.

Ok - thanks - I will go and start converting all my images!