HTML cell and wordwrap


I'm using XE 2 BCB PRO and TAdvStringGrid

I inserted 2 line of html text into cell formatting font name and font size.

Eg.: <B><FONT face="Calibri" size="22">" + DM->TableField1->AsString + "</FONT></B><BR><FONT face="Calibri" size="16">" + DM->TableField2->AsString + "</FONT>

If text in first line is longer than cell width, text will show in 2 line or more, so my original second line of text will be show in third line. Is there a way to keep text in one line (no wordwrap)?

 I try with Multilinecells and wordwrap propiertes set to false or/and to true...

Thank you.

To ensure a text always
fits, call grid.AutoSizeColumns()


thank you for your reply.
In in my application I can't change column width... :(

Now I resolved cutting text before insert it into the cell...

Did you set      

AdvStringGrid1.WordWrap:= false;

Yes, it doesn't working with HTML cells

Please provide a ready to run project (mailto: that demonstrates the issue so the responsible developer can investigate this further.

Example project sent! :)

Thank you.

Please set grid.EnhTextSize = true if you do not want the HTML text to wordwrap.