How to use the WebResponsiveGrid ?

Hi , i tried to follow the example , it worked fine, but i could not get the my own responsiveGrid worked.

i have a form and its related html has the following ,

<div class="page-content">
    <div id="id_my_responsive_grid"></div>


and i drop a TwebResponsiveGrid there , set the elementID to id_my_responsive_grid but
nothing show up , when i add a button , with the onClick in my delphi form ,

  WebResponsiveGrid1.Options.ItemTemplate :=  '<b>In - (%check_in%), Out -(%check_our%)</b><br><i>Total hours:(%worked_hours%)</i> ';

where my json data is very simple ,
   { "id":1,"check_in":"2018-11-01 08:10:00","check_out":"2018-11-01 16:10:00","worked_hours":8,"employee_id":"admin"  }

but what i do not have is same as the unit1.html in the webResponsiveGrid , which has all the style , div appcontent id , class appcontent etc , please advise what have i missed , thanks.

i checked console, no error .
  1. Did you try with just putting a TWebResponsiveGrid on the form, not linked to an existing HTML element?
    2) Is the event OnItemGetFieldValue triggered? If it isn't triggered, it would appear that the TWebResponsiveGrid is not receiving the JSON response you mention here.