How to use TAdvMultiFileMemo?

In the current release there seems to be no demo for the new TAdvMultiFileMemo. Is there an updated pack of demos available somewhere? When i place the component on a form all i see is a blue box with no content at all. There is also no documentation at all for that component (or i was not able to find the docs)

Any hints?


  1. The demo is in the TMS Component Pack demos folder under AdvMemo\Demo11 

Well, in the version that i downloaded 0n 23.05.2016 there is another version of the documentation and the demo #11 si not included. Did you update the installer in the meantime?

I will try to re-download the installer and re-install it...

OK, after re-installing i found that the installer had installed the
component pack on a different partition. Normally i install all my
components on drive F: and for some strange reason the installer
installed the files on drive C: (additionally in choosed to install in a
directory "TMS" bit it installed the files in "TMS\TMS componen pack").
That is why i looked in the wrong directory for the docs (why dows it
install into an additional subdirectory???- all my search paths are set
for the installtion diretory "TMS" and not for "TMS\TMS componen pack")

OK, now that i removed the installation before installing it it installed into the correct directory (normallyi let the installer remove the previous version and the seems to have messed up the installtion path in one of the previous updates). Now i have the correct version in the correct path....

Sorry that i have to say that but the version of the documenation in this current setup is still wrong. The file "TMS TAdvMemo.pdf " that gets installed is dated from 23.12.2016

I have removed the complete installation again and re-installed it to verfy that the setup contains the wrong version (the demo #11 is there and the TAdvMultiFileMemo gets installed but the documentation is not the correct  version in this setup)

It is unclear how this can be and we'll investigate.
For now, please consult the online doc 
which is the latest version.