How to use same html template for multiple forms

Trying out new VSC version again. The designer now shows forms as WYSIWYG, which is absolutely great! Now, when I have a HTML template to be used for the whole app and have that loaded into Unit1.html, how can I use the same template for Unit2 without copying the template HTML into Unit2.html? Doing so in fact now does show the template in the designer for Unit2, but at runtime when creating Form2 the template HTML is rendered a second time into the document. Putting the template not into Unit2.html and eg. rendering Form2 into a DIV of Form1 instead works in the final app, but sadly does not show the template in the designer of Form2. How to have the template visible in the designer of Form2 but not have it rendered twice into the document?

At this time there is a 1-1 relationship between the HTML file for the form template and the form (PAS & DFM)
So, for now, you'd need to copy the HTML file.
We'll investigate if a) there is a broad interest in this concept and b) how we can make this technically possible.

If the template is to be used in the whole app, maybe you can use the project.html, but I'm not sure if that will be useful for your use case.