How to use more than one script in TatScripter

Using AddScript I can add more than one scripts to the TatScripter component. But TatScripter uses just the first. I found no way to activate a particular script. I would even prefer to have more than one script active at a time, e.g. have all routines of all loaded scripts accessable. But ScriptInfo.Routines.Count shows just the count of the first script.

In my application I need one script per datachannel.
Is it better to have one atScripter with one script per datachannel ?
Or would yo recommend to have just one atScripter and as much scripts as datachannels ? This is my current approach.

Each AddScript adds a TatScript object to the collection, you can just keep the reference to that TatScript object and you can access anything form it, ScriptInfo, execute it, compile it, etc..

There is the concept of CurrentScript which is the current active script in the scripter component. Then when you access "global" properties like Scripter.ScriptInfo, or Compile, Execute, it will use the CurrentScript.
You can change the CurrentScript property to point to a reference to any TatScript object you have previously added, that's the way to change the active script.

It works, thank you