How to use ElevateDB with Miletus?

Good day,
I am not seeing ElevateDB drivers listed with Miletus?
How to use ElevateDB with Miletus?

Sorry, at this moment there is no built-in support for using local ElevateDB.
Currently, to use ElevateDB, you would need to create a REST API, like with TMS XData to expose access to it to the Miletus app.
We will extend the range of supported databases in the future. Firebird, Interbase are considered for example. We can consider ElevateDB as well.

Please do include. Elevate DB a Delphi based database engine which integrates well with Delphi products and soon with Lazarus as well.




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Good day,
I am still waiting on this. Any idea when it would be available?

This is technically non-trivial and will be time-consuming.
It is also unclear whether ElevateDB has real cross platform support.
If there is a big enough demand, we will allocate resources on this.

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Yes Elevate DB .. would be great to use with your components.

Hi, any update on this subject?

Doesn't ElevateDB support cross platform already?

Sorry, we did not add support yet.
We added Firebird & Interbase.
For ElevateDB, this requires a proprietary access library that is both technically & legally far less trivial to build-in.
We have added custom Miletus extensibility through a DLL / library though, so this could offer a way to access data in an ElevateDB database.

Thank you for the update. I will try the alternative databases.