How to "uncheck" AdvToolSelector

Hello TMS Team!

I have following problem:
there are placed several different AdvToolSelectors and AdvTooButtons on a AdvToolBar.

While one ToolSelector is in use, this selector is drawed with SelectionAppereance.xxxCheck color property (i.e. SelectionAppereance.BorderColorCheck).

How can one programatically "unselect/uncheck" the toolSelector?
Setting selectedIndex := -1 "hides" the image on the toolSelector too and that is not what I want.

Is there any solution?

Cheers, Frank

The selected item is displayed in the button itself and is shown as selected in the dropdown. It is not possible to hide the selection in the dropdown and not in the button. The behavior is similar to a TComboBox in csDropDownList style, where the selected text in the combobox is the same as what is selected in the dropdown.

Hello Bruno,

I understand. But have a look at the following screenshots:


If I click on toolSector "ellipse", then die dropdown gets visible: (1);

Selecting one ellipse option, the dropdown disappears and the selector is show as checked (blue border) (2);

If I click on the "select"-button (with the arrow, AdvGlowButton) it gets the focus (state is down).
At the same time the blue border of the toolSelector disappers.
Question: which state has the toolSelector at this time?

Background of my question is:
my customer want the following behavior: after using the ellipse-tool, automatically the "select-tool" should be active.

So I did the following:
after drawing the ellipse, I first put the select-button in the "down"-state
( selectButton.down := TRUE; )
Than I put the focus on that button.

But: the ellipse toolSelector seems to be active furtherhin - but it isn't!

How can I archive the same visible state of the toobar?

Do you have any idea?

Theank you!

Hello Bruno,

shame on me!
My fault: I've defined an "onMouseDown" with

TAdvOfficeColorSelector( Sender ).Appearance.BorderColor := clBlue;

Excuse me :(

Cheers, Frank

Thanks for letting us know the problem was found.