How to tell if the app is running the registered version.

Hi! We started using the trial version of TMS Flexcel and as it worked very fine we bought it, downloaded and I installed it over the trial. It happened that it didnt noticed of the change, and continued working as trial sending the "Trial Version" message after 2 months or so. Did we miss some step when installing? Aditionally, is there any way to check if it is working as registered before delivering the app. Using RAD Studio Seattle. I installed at first a big setup.exe > 1Gb trial, but then I installed ∿4 Mb. setup.exe in Now I uninstalled both and installed the later alone again, but I want to be sure it wont happen again in 2 months. Best Regards, Marcelo. (off subject Peñarol o Nacional?)

If you install over the trial, you should have a registered version. The trial version is much bigger because it contains a ton of dcus (for linux, windows, macos, android, iphone, whatever), while the registered version comes with the sources and compiles the sources in place. (also this is why the registered version is much slower)

To check if you are in the trial, you can use the FlexCelIsTrial global variable:

It is a good idea indeed to check for this when starting the app, and abort if in a trial.

Also, when installing, you should see "Registered version" in the setup:

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