How to show selected color text in colorpicker cell

On your web site, example demo asg82 (TMS Software | TAdvStringGrid Example) shows the text of the color name once selected. However, the sample asg82 (contained in the samples download) does not show the text name of the color selected when I compile and run the exe.

I would like to display the actual color in a box (like in the sample) but also the text (like Red or Green) just like on your web site.

I could not find any documentation on this in the GRID manual... (or I missed it).

Thanks for the assistance.

Implement the event OnColorSelected with code:

procedure TForm2.AdvStringGrid1ColorSelected(Sender: TObject; ACol,
  ARow: Integer; var Color: TColor; var Value: string);
  AdvStringGrid1.OriginalCellValue := Value;
  AdvStringGrid1.Cells[ACol,ARow] := Value;