How to set background color of TWebPageControl's page Tab to all TabSheets?

How can the background color of TWebPageControl's page Tab to all TabSheets, so as to not set it on each individual PageControl?

Sorry, I do not understand what you mean.
With "each individual pagecontrol", you imply there are multiple TWebPageControl instances?
What should happen then with tabsheets of these multipleTWebPageControl instances?

Basically, I need to change the background-color of the Selected Tab from the gray to green.

Is there a way to set the green background-color which shall apply to all such elements, and to do it in one place?

I understand you want to change the background color of the tab for the selected page?
If so, this is set with WebPageControl.SelectedColor: TColor

Yes, that's it. Didn't see that property. Thanks!

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