How to selcect tab in TTMSFNCRibbonPageControl

I have a FMX application which was created using the wizard "TMS FNC Ribbon Application for FMX".
are 3 PageControls (TTMSFNCRibbonPageControlContainer) as created by
the wizard. The problem is that at runtime I cannot switch between the
Pagecontrols. When I click on the corresponding tab nothing happens. All
three PageControls have the property Enabled set to true. How can I
switch between the tabs?


We have tested this here but are not able to reproduce this issue here.
Please provide additional details on how to reproduce this issue.

I solved the problem as follows:
-Created a new application using the wizard, switching between tabs worked
-Copied the ribbon from the newly created app to my existing app.
-Moved all components from the "old" ribbon to the new one
-Deleted the old ribbon
-Switching between tabs works

one additional question: I don't need a "file" button for my app. When I
delete the button, there is still an empty space left of the first tab.
Is it possible to align the first tab to the left border of the ribbon

Yes, you can remove the margin under TabSize.Margins.Left

Thank you, this was the solution!