how to search using locate without vararrayof ?

Hi , i am using the webClientdataset and trying to do

the normal delphi search 

webclientDataaset.Locate('name,cat' , varArrayof([ 'ABC','CAT1']) , [] ) ;

but having compilation error , that identifier not found for  varArrayof , please advice
if the TMS webcore is not ready for varArrayof function then is there alternative way that i can
make calls to the WebClientDataset using locate ?


The equivalent is:

   V :




webclientDataaset.Locate('name,cat' , V, [] ) ;

Hi , i have tried but was not working and been stuck in locate of dataset for days, 

loop the dataset one by one and see the data using showmessage , 

1. confirm dataset has record count of 135 ,
2. confirm value to search , e.g. "ABC" , as example is in the dataset field "name"

what i did using both method below,

  v[0] := 'ABC'; 
  webclientDataaset.Locate('name' , V, [] ) ;

  webclientDataaset.Locate('name' , 'ABC', [] ) ;

will always return false , is locate working properly ?

We cannot see an issue with Locate() here.

If a problem persists, please provide some sample source project & detailed steps with which we can reproduce the problem here.

Hi Bruno , i have submitted my sample source to the info tms email and there will show that locate and filter is not working. thanks. 

TJSValueDynArray -> unit please ?

This is declared in Types.Pas