How to quicly truncate a table ?


I need to delete all content of an entity.

Is there something like "Manager.Truncate<TEntity> ?
If not, I guess that I should do this :

const TruncateStr = 'TRUNCATE %s";
Manager.Connection.CreateStatement.SetSQLCommand(FormatStr(TruncateSTR,[ Tablename]));

but how can get my Entity table name ?

Here is how I did. 

  Statement: IDBStatement;

    Statement := SQLiteRepository.Manager.Connection.CreateStatement;
    Statement.SetSQLCommand(Format('DELETE FROM % ;',[SQLiteRepository.Manager.Explorer.GetTable(TMouvementsStockLigne).Name]) ) ;

I still have a problem. TMouvementsStockLigne has the "AutoMapping" attribute and  QLiteRepository.Manager.Explorer.GetTable(TMouvementsStockLigne).Name return an emptystring ! 

There is no such thing in Aurelius, it's easier indeed that you just execute the simple statement.

But GetTable should be retrieving the table name as usual, it doesn't matter if its automapped or not. If you cannot find something suspicious, I'd ask you to strip down your project and send it to us so we can reproduce the issue.