How to load image from ASG cell to TPicture

I am trying to transfer a bitmap that I have in a ASG cell into a TPicture. My code below fails on picture1->Load( AdvStringGrid1->GetBitmap(Col, Row) ); Is this possible? How can I load a picture from ASG cell into TPicture?

void __fastcall TForm::Image1Click(TObject *Sender)
int Col=0, Row=2;

// Create a TPicture instance to hold the image
TPicture *picture1 = new TPicture;

// Load the image from AdvStringGrid1
picture1->Load( AdvStringGrid1->GetBitmap(Col, Row) ); //FAIL

// Assign the loaded image to the TImage component

// Free the TPicture instance
delete picture;


picture1->Graphic = AdvStringGrid1->GetBitmap(Col, Row);

Your solution works. Thank You.