How to load a Json to a WebTreeView

What would be the json requirements to load a Json file (or from a string variable) to a WebTreeView or its FNC equivalent using the LoadFromJsonFile method?

I have a pretty standard test json, basically the same that works with the http web request and I can query with the json functions. It is a text file with the json extension.
But so far when I try to load it (runtime) it always fails, the error is:

> Object or array expected as top-level value | fMessage::Object or array expected as top-level value FJSError::Error: Object or array expected as top-level value fHelpContext::0
> at http://localhost:63278/nodecount.js [56523:34]

In an attempt to determine the right structure, I saved the json (with SaveToJsonFile) that the treeview saves by default (loaded to the designer as is). and it also fails to load back.
Also I didn't find any reference to those methods or the required structure in the documentation.

I attached my test json and the one generated by the savetojsonfile method.

Thanks, JD

test json (1.0 KB)

TWebTreeView does not have a built-in method to load from JSON data.
You'd need to parse the JSON at application level and then assign this parsed data to treeview nodes.

Thanks, That's what I thought.